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The Basketball Factoryngoal is to produce fundamentally sound basketball players who play hard, understand the game, and are capable of competing at a national level. We work with all age groups, boys, and girls, with a variety of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. We use intense, innovative skill development training methods that focus on consistently improving players’ basketball skills as well as their mental performance.


The Basketball Factory has an elite training staff that brings experience playing both collegiately and professionally. This experience makes them competent and knowledgeable about how to play the game. Furthermore, our trainers are passionate about basketball and their enthusiasm creates a great environment for our players to learn. Not only will our coaches improve a player’s skills, they will also increase their basketball IQ. Learning the game of basketball from the neck up is extremely important and sometimes underrated. Our trainers are personally hand-picked for their knowledge; enthusiasm and passion for teaching basketball; and more importantly, their love for kids and ability to connect and bond in an encouraging and inspiring way.


Having the right tools makes all the difference. As an athlete, or as a team you want to make sure that you are not only working hard but that you are working smart and maximizing your gym time. Being able to do that has a lot to do with the equipment that you have at hand. If you want to be able to prepare at an elite level, you need to set yourself up to do so. With most other basketball programs they can’t offer training equipment simply because they do not own their facility like TBF.  We utilize technology to substantially expedite the learning curve. Utilizing today’s modern technology, our athletes train on advanced equipment that offers an un-biased analysis of their current game.


The Rise as One development system comes from the director of basketball for Rise as One Kevin Houston. Kevin has extensive experience with developing the youth. He has had the privilege of playing basketball at every level of competition. His program curriculum has produced amazing results in five years. We teach the same shot mechanics, ball handling, offensive moves, positioning, defensive fundamentals and footwork that are taught to today’s collegiate and professional athletes. We strive to assist every athlete that participates in our programs to reach their full potential as a basketball player. We aim to inspire and motivate our athletes to set lofty goals then work hard to achieve them.


Every basketball player who has worked on their game knows that repetition is one of the best methods to improve a skill over time. When we practice something with repetition, we accept that we are working on a process that will take an extended amount of time.


There is nothing unusual about lacking confidence in basketball. It happens to even the best of players. However, this lack of confidence is also the turning point for most players. They either overcome this by building confidence in basketball or they quit. So do you want to be a winner or a quitter? The best way to build confidence in basketball is through drills that translate into a game and coaches that know how build your confidences during those drills.  TBF trainers have played the game at both the collegiate and professional levels. Their experience can make a difference in bringing out the best in every player that participates in our program.


We’ve been fortunate to train some of the best players in New Jersey. Players that have EARNED full scholarships to colleges and universities. Schools that have attended our workouts include Rutgers, St John, Seton Hall, Holy Cross, Bucknell, Fairleigh Dickerson, St Bonaventure, St Peter’s, Cornell, Creighton, Bradley, Marist, Syracuse, Texas Christian, UNC-Charlotte, Cincinnati, St Joesph, Northern Iowa and George Washington among many others! IF YOU’RE NOT WORKING OUT WITH US, YOU’RE BEING OUTWORKED!