Our Basketball Factory trainers come to the court with an unparalleled advantage—combined decades of knowledge and experience working with aspiring basketball players of all ages, genders, and skill levels.

We prepare each player to compete at a higher level through strong competition and consistent feedback from our trainers. Whether we are focusing on shooting or working on a player’s game for AAU or High School, our sports trainers have dedicated training regimens to help any player.

At our gym, our trainers focus on an increased awareness of your space on the court and bring a commitment to your skill improvement. We want you to be a better player every time you walk out our doors than when you came in them.

If you’re not working out with us at TBF, you’re being outworked!


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) offers a national course for coaches at the interscholastic level. This certification demonstrates the coach’s completion of a series of these courses, which enhances their ability as a basketball coach to better serve the player and the organization.
The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is an online program developed by experts, for experts. The PCA certification improves a coach’s ability to coordinate and lead a guiding youth sports program like TBF. Designed to help coaches teach life lessons through sport, the alliance focuses on the development of not only the athlete, but the person as a whole.

At TBF, we are Verified Volunteers. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires all coaches who participate in NCAA-certified events to complete their Basketball Certification System. All of our TBF coaches have passed through strict NCAA requirements, which include a background check and an educational coaching course.
All of our sports trainers are required to have a gold license from the USA Youth Development Certificate Program. This USA Basketball Licensing and E-Learning Program focuses on educating coaches to the fullest while ensuring the safety of the players. The program’s goal is to develop an inclusive basketball community of credible, qualified, and dedicated trainers and administrators all across the USA.






Accredited Certification

Each trainer completes a stringent certification process before joining The Basketball Factory staff.

All TBF sports trainers have:

• USA Basketball License
• NCAA BBCS Certification
• NFHS Coaching level 1 Certification
• Positive Coaching Alliance Certification

Through these accredited certifications, our TBF sports trainers are equipped to train your child with the latest techniques, strategies, and safety guidelines.


On-Court Experience

The TBF staff have had “real-court” experience, being former college and professional basketball players. With their real-world, on-court experience, they view the game from both a coach and a player’s perspective. This gives our players at TBF a real competitive edge that can only come from years of game experience.

Commitment to the Program

We pride ourselves on providing the very best parent and player experience. Through hands-on training, state-of-the-art facilities, one-on-one film sessions, and progress reports for each of our players, we are committed to making each and every player that comes through our program better. This commitment to the TBF program is unmatched. It is specifically designed with the basketball player of any level in mind.


Motivation Makes Players Better

Our staff doesn’t just train a player, they motivate them. Working on your skills and watching your game transform is exciting. All players want to be inspired. Inspiration allows them to push themselves and improve—especially when there are many challenges that a basketball player will go through to become a complete player on the court.
You can have a great trainer when it comes to knowledge, but if he or she fails to motivate and inspire players, they will not live up to their potential. The Basketball Factory trainers have the perfect balance of technical teaching and motivation that will equip and inspire players to play to their full potential.

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10yr professional player with vast experience at every level. Developing talent and maximizing player's ability will be the primary focus.


over 10 years of coaching experience working with youth players an outstanding communicator that breaks down the game so that players can understand.


A passionate and highly skilled coach. Luismy relates well to this generation. Being a smaller player himself he teaches players the IQ of the game.


Passionate about helping younger players of the game with basic fundamentals. Peace incorporates past experiences to improve all age groups.


Accomplished as a player and a coach with over 6yrs of experience in helping players reach their full potential. She takes players to the next level.


Kyle stresses the importance of building confidence & mental toughness. Known for getting the best out of players and improving their abilities.


Lee's passion to be a student of the game allows him to develop the skills in his players to excel through their collegiate or professional careers.